3016 High temperature in spindle motor.

a) Check that the spindle blower motor is running. Remove the air filter to ensure that the impeller is also rotating. If the filter material is dirty, it should be replaced.

b) If the blower motor is not running check the fuses 6,7 and 8 and the overload unit associated with contactor 2 mounted behind the swing-out detector unit in the Shackleton Drive Unit. If either the fuses have blown or the overload has tripped-out the motor windings should be checked. 

c) If the spindle motor is not excessively warm and the blower is operating correctly there may be a fault with the thermistors (if fitted) located in the spindle motor frame. Connect a link wire between terminals 15 and 16 of the Shackleton Drive. The spindle motor may need to be dismantled to replace the thermistors.

d) If the same error code persists the fault may be with the 'Watchdog' board (WD 50x) in the control or corruption of the memory. If another control is available the 'Watchdog' boards can be exchanged to test. If the memory is to be reloaded remember to punch-out the programme and tool information first (although an up to date back-up tape should always be held).