3004 Hydraulic pump overloaded.
Sheet 4 Plug 2 Pin-P

a) Visually check if the overload unit fitted to the 'HPC' contactor in the power distribution panel has tripped. If it hasn't tripped-out refer to paragraph (b). If it has tripped reset the overload by pressing the 'reset button' and operate the 'Manual Hydraulic' switch to run the power-pack independent of the control. If the overload trips out again the hydraulic pump or drive motor is at fault. Remove the indicator-fuse 2 (in the power distribution panel) to maintain Y axis brake control. Remove the four bolts securing the pump motor, withdraw and secure the motor. Rotate the motor shaft, if it feels tight or rough a new motor is required. If the rotation is free, reset the overload and again operate the 'Manual Hyd' switch. If the overload trips, the motor or overload unit is faulty, if it doesn't trip the pump is at fault. Remember to replace fuse 2 before running the machine, and reference all axes.

b) Check for 24 volts at terminals 400 and 416 with a voltmeter (TB1 in the power distribution panel). If there is no 24 volts, the indicator-fuse 4 (in the power distribution panel) may be faulty. If there is 24 volts at terminal 400 but not at terminal 416 then the overload unit is faulty. If there is 24 volts at both 400 and 416 then the fault lies from terminal 416 through to Plug 2, Pin-P and the 'Digital Input Board' in the control. Switch off control and transpose the 'DI' boards situated in the lower rack to the left. Power-up the machine. If the fault disappears, or a different unrelated error code shows-up, then the 'DI' board is faulty and a replacement is required. If same error code persists switch off the machine, remove plug 2 and check the continuity from pin-P to terminal 416. There may be a spare wire in the cable loom to utilize if wire 416 appears to be broken. If the wiring is O.K. the 'Watchdog Board' WD50x is suspect; if another control is available the 'Watchdog' boards can be exchanged to test.