1107 Spindle Start Drive enabled
Sheet 4 plug 2 pin-i

This error indicates a 24 volt signal from the 'spindle drive enable' relay present at the control interface when there should be zero volts. If the error can be cancelled by pressing the ERROR pushbutton on the control the fault is probably a malfunction of the relay; refer to paragraph (b). If the error can't be cancelled, continue with paragraph (a)

a) Monitor the 10 LED indicators on the 'Shackleton Drive Diagnostic Unit', If the unit isn't connected - switch-off the machine at the main isolator and plug the ribbon-cable connector onto the board in the 'Master Stack' (lower of the two) with the cable entry towards the diagnostic unit. Re-apply power to the machine. At most there should be 5 LED's illuminated, numbers 3,4,6,8 and 9; if so refer to paragraph (b). If all the LED's are on there is a fault with the 'System Enable' circuit E19s in the 'Slave Stack'. This circuit combines all the control and alarm signals from both stacks to produce the overall 'System Enable' signal. If another Shackleton Drive Unit is available, of the same type, the slave stacks can be exchanged to test.

b) Turn the rotary switch on the diagnostic unit to test position number 7 - the voltage should be around -8 volts. A positive voltage would indicate a fault with the 'System Enable' circuit (refer to previous paragraph). Using a multimeter, monitor the voltage on wire number 429 at terminal number 50, in the lower right-hand terminal block of the Shackleton unit. If no voltage is measured on 429, and the 1107 error can't be cancelled, refer to paragraph (c). If 24 volts DC is measured the fault lies within board 6 of the detector unit, probably the relay; try adjusting potentiometer number 6 clockwise. The board can be checked using the diagnostic unit plugged into the top of the board. If the voltage on switch position 13 (the input voltage) is higher than the voltage on 11 (the reference voltage) then the relay should be closed; the switching is monitored at position 23. The reference voltage should be set by potentiometer 6, at 5 volts 

c) Switch-off the control and transpose the 'DI' boards situated in the lower rack to the left. Power-up the machine and retry; if a different, unrelated error displays the 'DI' board is faulty and will need replacing. If the same 1107 error returns the fault may be with the 'Watchdog' board (WD 50x) in the control or corruption of the memory. If another control is available the 'Watchdog' boards can be exchanged to test. If the memory is to be reloaded remember to punch-out programme and tool information first (although an up to date back-up tape should always be held).