0305 Tool Search Man. Position CW or CCW counter

This error is internally generated in the control. Possible causes are: swarf deposits on or around the tool pocket counter proximity switches, incorrectly adjusted switches or 'Digital Input' board fault. 

Clean the tool pocket counter proximity switches and any swarf from the rear of the tool pockets. With the tool magazine locked, i.e. the locking fork positioned around the rear of a tool pocket, the two counting proximity switches should be positioned slightly-off centre of the adjacent tool pockets. Both switches should be closed as indicated by the integral LED indicators. The output from the switches can be monitored in the terminal box mounted on the top-rear of the column. There should be 24 volts D.C. on wire nos. 500, 512 and 513. If there is no voltage on terminal 500 then fuse no. 3 in T.B.2 of the power distribution panel is suspect. If there is no voltage on either terminals 512 or 513 check the proximity switches by positioning a ferrous object on the end of the switches while monitoring the output voltage. If adjustment is required for an out of range switch ensure that the tool pockets won't collide with the switch when the magazine rotates. 

If the switches are positioned and operating correctly switch-off the control and transpose the 'DI' boards situated in the lower rack in the rear of the control to the left. Power-up the machine and retry; if a different, unrelated error displays the 'DI' board is faulty and will need replacing. If the same 0305 error returns the fault may be with the 'Watchdog' board (WD 50x) in the control or corruption of the memory. If another control is available the 'Watchdog' boards can be exchanged to test. If the memory is to be reloaded remember to punch-out programme and tool information first (although an up to date back-up tape should always be held).