0009 Spindle Stop Creep speed detector
Sheet 4 plug 2 pin-k

This error is a contradiction; with the spindle stopped, or an M05 command, the control is looking for a 24 volt creep speed signal. Is the error indicated a negative error, -ve 0009?

The 0009 error indicates a 24 volt signal from the 'creep speed detector' relay present at the control interface when there should be zero volts. If the error can't be cancelled by pressing the ERROR pushbutton on the control the fault is probably a malfunction of the control.

Switch-off the control and transpose the 'DI' boards situated in the lower rack to the left. Power-up the machine and retry; if a different, unrelated error displays the 'DI' board is faulty and will need replacing. If the same 0009 error returns the fault may be with the 'Watchdog' board (WD 50x) in the control or corruption of the memory. If another control is available the 'Watchdog' boards can be exchanged to test. If the memory is to be reloaded remember to punch-out programme and tool information first (although an up to date back-up tape should always be held).